Brett Kissel’s Latest Album Now or Never

Canadian singer Brett Kissel has released a new album entitled Now or Never. The overall themes are love, heartbreak, and life in general. 

The music is Country music with a contemporary twist. I enjoyed hearing the guitar in the background, a trademark for Country songs. The overall vibe of the album is romantic and persona,l with a subtlety of the music that makes it cozy and intimate. The composition of each song is well-structured and rhythmic.

Brett Kissel’s voice is fantastic and soulful. He sings with style and attitude. He knows how to convey the emotion, whatever it may be, magnificently.   

The lyrics are romantic and sometimes dramatic. Some tunes have another theme: a journey through life. The song A Few Good Stories is about living life to the fullest or on the edge at times.  Drink About Me is about a guy who remembers a past love and imagines himself asking her if she thinks about him. It’s rare to hear the nostalgic aspect of remembering a past love. The song That’s Country Music describes frequent subjects of Country music, including love/heartbreak and a classic model car.  Hummingbird is a metaphor for a brief relationship that wouldn’t work out. The tune I’m Not Him, I’m Not Her (featuring Christina Taylor) is inspirational because it brings hope to those who fear going back to the dating scene. The incredible love songs are Young EnoughShe Drives Me Crazy, and Coffee With Her.

My favourite songs are  A Few Good Stories, That’s Country Music  Coffee With Her.

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