Single Saturdays: Sia – Original

Australian singer Sia has a new single out released for the film Dolittle, entitled Original. It’s a song that’s about being yourself as well as authentic and genuine. 

The music is Pop with a feel of R&B. The beat is catchy, rhythmic, and flowy. It parallels to Brit Pop in terms of composition. The vibe of the sound is cheerful and upbeat, which reflects the positive mood of the song. The music is by Danny Elfman, who also composed the songs of the soundtrack for Dolittle. 

Sia’s voice is harmonious and smooth. She has an incredible vocal range throughout the song. She follows the beat with precision and rhythm. She sounds optimistic and has a positive attitude, which inspires the tone of the song.

Sia, Sean Douglas & Jesse Shatkin wrote the single Original. The lyrics are inspirational and bold. The song is authentic and from the heart. There’s a sense of hope and determination that conveys a positive attitude perfectly. Being original is important, and the words of the song express that magnificently.

The single Original is now available. 

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