Single Saturdays: Céline Dion – Soul (Japanese Bonus Track)

Canadian artist Céline Dion has released a new single entitled Soul – a Japanese bonus track from the album Courage. It’s a story about being human with a soul as well as living in the moment. 

The music is Pop with a mix of R&B/Soul. It has a slow & fast beat combination during the verses then the tempo increases smoothly in the chorus of the song – great composition. It captures the mixed emotions one may feel in challenging times (nerves & joy). The music is catchy, with an incredible edge to it.

Céline Dion’s voice is fantastic. She sings with passion and energy that inspires the listener to feel confident and powerful. One can hear the experience in her singing. Impressive!

The lyrics are inspirational and full of hope. It’s about how being human is complex and dynamic, full of emotions. There’s a lovely freestyle writing that reflects the sense of freedom and confidence felt by the subject. The song inspires the strength to overcome life’s obstacles. The use of descriptive repetition of the chorus demonstrates this perfectly. It is an empowering song!

The song Soul is available.

Side Note

When I wrote this article, I had heard of the sad news that Céline Dion’s mother passed away. My sincerest condolences to her and her family in this difficult time.

Flora Youssef

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