First Album Fridays: Laurence St-Martin – Filles des Îles

Canadian and Québecoise singer Laurence St-Martin has released her first album entitled Filles des Îles (Girls from the Island). The themes are love and life in the village. 

The music is French Pop with a twist of Country. Laurence St-Martin plays the guitar wonderfully in the album, giving it an intimate and cozy feel. The beat of each song is catchy and rhythmic. The tune Filles des Îles is an example of the feeling of coziness. The overall effect sounds like Laurence St-Martin is singing around a campfire with family and friends.  

Laurence St-Martin’s voice is sweet, upbeat and cheerful in many of her tunes. She also sounds sensitive and romantic, as it is the case with the songs Accroche-toi (Hang on), Quand t’es là (When you’re there), and Ensemble (Together). She sings about her experiences, which makes an authentic artist. 

The lyrics are descriptive with a personal and genuine touch. The simplistic aspect of the songs makes it easy to listen and follow. I love the storytelling and the occasional reference to Quebec culture, including life in a small town or village. Each song tells its own story, yet together they complement each other very well. The poetry of the tunes is well-written with a fantastic structure.

My favourite songs are Filles des ÎlesSans Toi (Without You), Je T’aime (I love you), and Quand t’es là.

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