Single Saturdays: Laurence St-Martin – Cheers

Canadian and Quebecoise singer Laurence St-Martin has a new holiday single out entitled Cheers. The song is a toast to those who couldn’t come to the New Year celebrations – they may not be there physically but in spirit.  

The genre is Country music with a Holiday aspect to it. The guitar and the harmonic in the background complement the vibe of the song. It sounds easy-going and festive because it celebrates time spent with family and friends during the Holiday season. I love the simplicity of the music. The change in the tempo of the music’s rhythm is fantastic and smooth. It shifts at just the right moment during the transition of the beats. 

Laurence St-Martin’s voice is full of joy and cheer. She sings with love and enthusiasm. She follows the rhythm and the beat perfectly.

The lyrics have a lovely simplicity to them. The words focus on quality time spent with loved ones while thinking about the ones who couldn’t come. Warm wishes have a presence in the song, giving it a “cheerful” feel to it. The language has an interesting use of joual (Quebec slang) that makes the tune “homey.” The chorus makes clever use of repetition for a lovely simplicity to focus on the joys of the holidays.

The single Cheers is now available.

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