Single Saturdays: Thomas Rhett- Christmas In The Country

American Country singer Thomas Rhett has a new single entitled Christmas In The Country. The song is a story of a man who reminisces spending Christmas in the countryside, in contrast to being on the road for a concert tour.  

The music is Country music with a Holiday twist. The beat is a lovely mix of fast and slow, with a continuous flow. The guitar and the sleigh bells heard the background sound harmonious and festive. The sleigh bells are a segue into the chorus, as well as the end of the song. The guitar has a higher presence in the refrain of the tune. The composition is well-structured that reflects the Holiday season. 

Thomas Rhett’s voice is husky and silvery. When he mentions “Christmas in the Country,” he sings from the heart. He knows how to connect with the listeners, especially about his personal life.

The lyrics have a personal and homey feel to it because of little details such as mentioning kids, and John Deer Tractor. The writing style of the song sounds like Thomas Rhett is telling a story about how he spends his Christmas. The words are well-written- poetic and soulful. It’s an interesting perspective on this festive time of the year. My favourite lines are “Upright piano in the living room Sing ‘Silent Night’ just a little out of tune” because it’s something that one can imagine happening. One can relate to this song, making it authentic and genuine.

The single Christmas In The Country is now available. With it, there’s a cover of The Christmas Song.

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