Single Saturdays: Kelly Rowland – Love You More at Christmas Time

American artist Kelly Rowland has released a Christmas single entitled Love You More at Christmas Time. It’s a lovely romantic tune about the magic of Christmas, especially when you’re in love or with loved ones. 

The music is R&B and Soul mixed with classic Holiday sounds. It has a catchy and happy beat. The clapping in the background complements that joyful feeling heard in the song. The sleigh bells and the guitar give it a charming feel to it. The music reminds of the works from Kelly Rowland’s years with Destiny’s Child, especially their earlier albums.

Kelly Rowland’s voice is silver and full of cheer. Her voice has more depth to it over time. She sings with feeling and enthusiasm. What a remarkable take on the Christmas spirit!

The lyrics reflect the excitement of Christmas. There’s a richness to the words that are full of love, joy and happiness. The song also describes what people like to do during the holiday season, such as snow angels and drinking cocoa by the fireside. It feels personal and warm- it’s from the heart. The words feel genuine and sincere. The Christmas spirit has its presence in the tune.

The single Love You More at Christmas Time is available.

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