Molly Burch’s The Molly Burch Christmas Album

American singer Molly Burch has released a Christmas album entitled The Molly Burch Christmas – 10 covers and 2 original songs. The themes are love and heartbreak.

The music is Alternative/Indie with a holiday twist. Molly Burch composed the songs Holiday Dreaming and New Year Love. 

 The overall vibe reminds me of the Mamas & Papas and Abba. It’s a fresh take on Christmas classics with a slow tempo of the rhythm.  Last Christmas, however, has a slightly faster beat, with a composition similar to Wham’s classic hit, but with an Alternative and Indie music. It’s impressive the structure of the covers is almost identical to the original songs but with a different musical genre.

Molly Burch has a deep, soft and soothing voice. She makes a lovely homage to classics while having a distinct style inspired by the 70s music. She sang incredible duets with John Early, Kate Berlant, and Jesse Woods. 

The lyrics of Molly Burch’s two original songs Holiday Dreaming and New Year Love are full of raw emotions and free spiritThe poetic writing is freestyle and flowy. There’s a beautiful simplicity to the words but are so expressive in genuine emotion. Holiday Dreaming tells a relatable story about a girl who dreams and hopes that the man she loves feels the same way. She says to the guy how she feels.  New Year Love is a sweet tale about a girl having the courage to express her affections and found the inspiration to love again. These two songs express the mixed emotions one may feel during this time of the year nicely.

The Molly Burch Christmas Album is now available.

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