Single Saturdays: The Jonas Brothers Like It’s Christmas

The American band, The Jonas Brothers, has a new Christmas single out entitled Like It’s Christmas. It’s a romantic song full of joy and cheer about a couple enjoying this time of year. 

The music of Pop and Holiday makes for a fantastic composition. The sound of clapping is the best detail of the song because it inspires one to follow along. It’s as if it were an instrument. It goes well with sleigh bells in the background, giving it the Christmas flavour of the holiday season. The music is so cheerful and upbeat.

The Jonas Brothers sing wonderfully in this song. They have a vocal style that parallels to the artists of the old holiday classics, especially the 1950s. Well done!

The lyrics capture the romantic component of spending Christmas with a significant other. The focus is on the relationship and the importance of spending time with loved ones, which honours the fundamental part of the holidays. There’s a clever, but subtle reference to New York with the mention of Central Park covered in white. The simile of “You make every day feel like it’s Christmas” is sweet and romantic. The words sound well thought out.

The single Like It’s Christmas is now available. 

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