Single Saturdays: Matt Holubowki – Thoroughfare

Canadian singer Matt Holubowski has a new single out entitled Thoroughfare. The song is about the journey of life and self-discovery. 

The music is Pop, more specifically, Brit Pop with a Beatles and George Harrison vibe. It reminds of Strawberry Fields and Here Comes The Sun. The beat is similar to the music 60s and 70s. The composition has a natural flow with a calming and soothing rhythm, like meditation music.

Matt Holubowski’s voice is soft and silvery. He follows the music and the beat fantastically. 

The lyrics of Thoroughfare are a metaphor for the journey of life and spirituality. The words are descriptive and poetic that inspire listeners to use their imaginations. The imagery used in the songs is impressive. The lyrics have a personal touch to them, which makes the tune authentic and unique.

The single Thoroughfare is now available.

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