Single Saturdays : Jonny Zye – Angel

American artist Jonny Zye has a new single out entitled Angel. It’s a romantic story about a man who shows appreciation to his significant other to the point he calls her an angel.

The music is Country music mixed with Pop. The romantic vibe parallels to other songs such as I Can’t Wait, Make Me Shine, and Faith.  The composition has a great flow and structure. It’s soothing with parts that have a faster beat to create a lovely musical contrast.

Jonny Zye’s voice is sweet and charming. He sings from the heart, which makes him authentic and genuine. One can hear the happiness in his singing.

The lyrics are romantic and full of hope. The rhyming structure is fantastic in this song. There’s a well-done freestyle combination of ABAB and ABBA. The words are inspirational, especially when one doubts that true love exists. The feeling of joy is present in this song. 

Also, the lyrics are easy to follow and express so much interestingly and simplistically.

The single Angel is now available.

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