First Single Fridays: Jordan Levesque – Je Te Vois Encore

Canadian singer Jordan Levesque has released his first single since La Voix VII entitled Je Te Vois Encore (I still see you). The story is about a guy who’s going through a difficult time following a breakup. Jordan Levesque and John-Anthony Gagnon-Robinette wrote and composed Je Te Vois Encore

The music is French Pop. The guitar in the background complements the vibe of the song. The composition has the right mix of slow with fast beats and is smooth in sound and structure. The music is wavy, which reflects the mood of the song perfectly. 

Jordan Levesque has a deep, rugged voice that is distinct. His expressive style of singing reminds me of the Quebec folk music with a cultural vibe.

The lyrics have a personal feel to them because the subject is life after a breakup. The emotions of sadness and confusion are apparent throughout the tune. There’s a lovely freestyle writing that gives the song authenticity. Jordan Levesque and John-Anthony Gagnon-Robinette wrote words that are full of raw emotions. Great work!

The single Je Te Vois Encore is now available.

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