Single Saturdays: Sally Folk – Ô Psychologue

Canadian and Quebec artist Sally Folk has a new single out entitled Ô Psychologue (Oh Psychologist).  It tells the story of how superficial girls take simple things for granted.

The music is a French Pop mixed Psychedelic vibe, reminding of the 60s/70s. The beat is a combination of primarily fast beats with some slow parts to it. The composition is structured and fluid. It parallels the sounds of the works by France Gall and Sylvie Vartan. I love the edginess of the song’s music.

Sally Folk’s voice is bold with attitude and style. She sings distinctly with a fantastic rhythm. She captures the mood of the song perfectly.

The lyrics are full of raw emotions. The sense of belonging is missing, which is something to which many of us can relate. There is incredible poetic writing with two different structures AABB and ABAB. The words are easy to follow and flow naturally. The subject is unique because it’s rare to hear about how some girls like the subject struggle in life. Well done!

The single Ô Psychologue is now available.

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