Amr Mostafa’s Latest Album Leiebt Maa’a El Assad

Egyptian singer Amr Mostafa has a new album entitled Leiebt Maa’a El Assad (You Played with The Lion). The overall themes of this album are love, heartbreak and life in general.

The music is Arabic Pop mixed with Techno and Dance. Amr Mostafa is one of the composers of the album. A modern twist to the record makes the style innovative and fresh. There are incredible stop effects in the songs with an upbeat sound. The compositions of the songs have a fantastic balance of traditional and modern Arabic music.

Amr Mostafa’s voice is phenomenal throughout the record. He sings with passion and heart, sounding smooth and rhythmic. 

The lyrics are simple but express so much. The song Salma is about his love for his daughter, which is a lovely addition to the love songs for Arab artists are known. There is a great rhyming structure to the expressive lyrics that express joy or sadness, depending on the subject. The repetition is in use throughout the record that gives it a poetic flavour. Maiheminish (I don’t care) and Leiebt Maa’a El Assad (You Played with The Lion) are examples of heartache felt in these songs. There’s a perfect mix of romance and heartbreak in the album.

The album  Leiebt Maa’a El Assad is now available.

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