Heartstreets’ Latest EP – Why Makes Sense Revisited 2

Heartstreets has released a second EP of Why Makes Revisited: Why Makes Sense Revisited 2. The themes are an escape from reality and life in general.

The music genre is R&B and Soul. The three revisited songs of  I Wanna Dance/ Lost, Lucky Charm, and Good Things have experimental compositions. They have a distinct sound from the original hits with a vintage vibe from the 60s and 90s that has a fresh musical flavour.  Lucky Charm is a song that is entirely music with little singing except for Robert Robert. The mellow sound is calming and soothing — the guitar and piano complement the EP nicely.

Emma Beko and Gab Gedon know how to play and experiment with the registers of their voices. They performed well with Karim Ouellet and Ryan Playground. The girls sing with attitude, confidence and boldness.

The EP Why Makes Sense Revisited 2 is now available.

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