Single Saturdays: Amr Diab – Odam Merayetha

Amr Diab has a new single out entitled Odam Merayetha. The song tells the story of a guy whose significant other is getting ready, and he admires from a distance.

The music is Arabic Pop with classic Tarab style, composed by Aziz Elshafei. The rhythm is wavy with a dance vibe and a Summer feel. It has a fast beat throughout; then it slows down after the third verse. The sound is pleasant and soothing, with a fantastic stop effect. Tarek Madkour did the incredible mixing and digital mastering. 

Amr Diab’s voice is lovely and full of life. He follows the rhythm and is in sync with the music. One can hear the cheer and joy in his singing. He continuously evolves as an artist. Impressive!

Tamer Hussein wrote the lyrics of Odam Merayetha. The words are romantic with a natural flow. The description of the guy admiring his significant other is detailed that is new and fresh. The rhyming style is simple with the AABB. The love in the lyrics has a presence that plays an essential role in the song. Tamer Hussein captured the love and happiness of the tune.

The single Odam Merayetha is now available. 

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