Flashback Fridays: Mariah Carey – Merry Christmas 25th Anniversary

November 1, 2019, marks the 25th Anniversary of Mariah Carey’s Christmas album Merry Christmas featuring the classic hit All I Want For Christmas Is You. Every year around the Holiday season, this song plays on the radio often. It is one of my favourite Christmas songs. 

The music is Holiday Pop with other genres in this Christmas album, such as Gospel. The piano, the bass, the drums, the tenor saxophone, and others contribute to the authentic Christmas vibe. I can imagine families listening to Merry Christmas while celebrating the holiday festivities. Walter Afanasieff and Louis Holland collaborated in the compositions of the Merry Christmas record. 

Mariah Carey’s voice is distinct. She sings with passion and from the heart, especially with regards to the Holiday season. She honours the classic Christmas hits such as Silent Night and Joy To The World.  Her performance of All I Want For Christmas Is You, Miss You Most (At Christmas Time), and Jesus Born on This Day is genuine. 

Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff wrote the lyrics of the original songs All I Want For Christmas Is You, Miss You Most (At Christmas Time), and Jesus Born on This Day.  I enjoy these tunes, primarily because the words also express the Christmas spirit, just like the classics. All I Want For Christmas Is You and Miss You Most (At Christmas Time are romantic and touching. The song Jesus Born on This Day focuses on the religious aspect of the holiday. The lyrics are well-written with magnificent poetry.

Side Note

The Deluxe Edition of Merry Christmas is now available. The review will be available around mid-December.

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