Eliane’s Eponym Album

Swiss Popstar Eliane has a new album entitled Eliane. The overall themes of the record are women’s empowerment, love, heartbreak and life. 

The music is Pop with primarily a slow and flowy rhythm. Eliane is among the composers of this album. The sound is soothing, almost like a meditation, with a soul-searching vibe. Some of the songs have music in which there’s a skipped beat, like a heart beating. The compositions are well-structured and reflect the emotions felt, be it heartbreak, joy or empowerment. The piano has a significant presence in the album and gives it a tremendous musical flavour.  

Eliane’s voice is melodious and rhythmic. She sings from the heart with incredible depth and authenticity. She captures the specific emotion of each song, from joy to heartbreak or from confusion to hope. 

The lyrics are descriptive with feeling and passion. There’s a sense of hope and a silver lining, even in the most challenging moments. Examples of this are  Hand Luggage and This Time. I Can’t Let You Break My Heart Again, No Us Anymore, and Nothing Left to Say are songs that demonstrate empowerment for a woman who won’t allow her partner to hurt her anymore. There are also happy songs like Retreat, All About Us, and For You. Lesson Learned is a post-breakup song where the girl learns from the experience and improves herself. The album has a fantastic story-telling feel to it. The words are genuine and relatable.

My favourite songs are For YouHand Luggage,  Retreat, All About Us, and I Can’t Let You Break My Heart Again. 

The album Eliane is now available.

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