Roch Voisine’s Latest Album Americana – 10 Ans

 Canadian singer Roch Voisine has a new album out entitled Americana 10th Anniversary. There are three new songs along with covers from the three records from the past ten years. 

The genre is Country music with a mix of old and new. There’s also an Acadian vibe along with a US Western sound. Roch Voisine, along with others composed this fantastic compilation The vintage beat, is a lovely homage to the classic hits such as I’m a BelieverPretty WomanA Horse with No Name and Mrs. Robinson. The guitar plays a significant role in this album that gives it an incredible mix of classic and current. Having heard the original music, it sounds similar, but with a contemporary twist. Great compositions!

Roch Voisine’s voice is smooth and silvery. He honours the classic hits while having his vocal style, as well as captures the emotion and the vibe of the songs’ eras. There’s a magnificent duet with Isabelle Boulay. 

There are three new original songs on this album, one of which is in French (Loin D’ici). The rest of the record is in English. Come to Me is a new romantic tune, the first song of the album, an original by Roch Voisine. I love the boldness of the lyrics, in how it captures how we feel when we fall in love. A personal tune is entitled Loin D’ici (Far from here), which is a dedication to Roch Voisine’s son. It tells the story of a father who’s advising on life and the future to his son. Crying is the second original piece- a sad song about heartbreak with beautiful poetry. Roch Voisine sings words from the heart. 

My favourite songs from  Americana 10 ans are Come to Me,  Loin D’ici, I’m a Believer, “Oh, Pretty Woman,” and Mrs. Robinson.

The album Americana 10 ans is now available.

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