Single Saturdays: My Silent Bravery – Hideaway

American band, My Silent Bravery, has a new single entitled Hideaway. It’s a love story about a couple wanting to get away from it all and living in the moment.

The music of this single is Pop with the trademark presence of the guitar. The song has a catchy tune with a lovely tempo of fast and slow. The composition has a fantastic structure that’s romantic and sweet. The flow of the Hideaway is wavy and smoothy. 

 My Silent Bravery’s lead singer, Matthew Wade, has a phenomenal voice with a sentimental and soft sound. He captures the wave of emotions from excited to feeling nervous to joy.  

The lyrics are inspirational and romantic, as well as from the heart. The words have the boldness to them. They focus on living in the moment and taking a chance on love. Hideaway is a metaphor for an escape from everyday life, especially a spontaneous one. The feelings of excitement and nerves make the song genuine and authentic.

The single Hideaway is now available.

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