Single Saturdays: Alan Doyle & Dean Brody – We Don’t Wanna Go Home

Canadian artists Alan Doyle and Dean Brody have a new single out entitled We Don’t Wanna Go Home. It’s a story about friends who have a party and remember how it had been since they had fun like that.

The music is Country. There’s a party vibe, taking place at a bar or a campfire in an intimate setting. The fantastic mix of instruments consists of a guitar, a banjo, a fiddle, an accordion, a bass, and drums. The composition is incredible and appealing. The team effort is magnificent in this song.

Alan Doyle and Dean Brody sing wonderfully together. Their voices compliment each other well. They sound genuine and friendly, like two friends singing at a campfire. Amazing!

Alan Doyle, Donovan Woods, Todd Clark wrote the lyrics to We Don’t Wanna Go Home. The freestyle writing is well-done. I love the storytelling aspect of it that makes this song personal and from the heart. The sense of nostalgia and celebration has a presence throughout the tune. That feeling of not wanting the night to end is a relatable one, which is evident in this song.  

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