Single Saturdays: BRDGS – San Diego

Canadian singer BRDGS has a new single out entitled San Diego. The story is about a guy whose love for a California girl ended, and he fears that something like that is impossible.

The music is Pop with an experimental component to it. BRDGS boldly composed the song with high precision. The beat is catchy, as well as flowy with an upbeat, then slow rhythm. It has a Summer vibe that coincides with the nostalgic feeling of the song. In the beginning, the tune sounds like the techno/electronic music from the 90s/2000s, which gives it an “old school” vibe. 

BRGDS’ voice is slivery and distinct. He follows the rhythm of the song perfectly. He’s singing from the heart, making his performance authentic.

The lyrics of San Diego cover a relatable topic of heartbreak, along with worrying about a love like that ever happening again. The freestyle writing of the song makes it flowy and easy to follow. There’s a rhyming style of AABB in the verses. The chorus is simple, whereas the paragraphs are detailed and explain the story of a relationship that ended. Jon Pike wrote San Diego with a genuine touch. 

The single San Diego is now available.

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