Mélissa Bédard’s Latest Album Fleur De Verre

Canadian Singer and former Star Académie contestant Mélissa Bédard has released a new album entitled Fleur De Verre. It’s a record that focuses on the themes of the personal journey of life and love. 

The music is French Pop. The piano and the violin have a presence that compliments this album perfectly, giving a soothing sound. The composition reminds me of a symphony in terms of the structural style. It reminds me of classical French music from the 1970s, especially the works of France Gall and Sylvie Vartan. The sound is soothing and flows naturally. Great composition!

 Mélissa Bédard’s voice is passionate and beautiful. She sings from the heart and soul. She’s in sync with the music.

The lyrics have raw emotions, which makes this album genuine and personal. Each song is a step in the journey of knowing oneself through life and love, in the good times and the bad. The metaphors describe emotions such as doubt and fear, as well as love and joy. Les Chemins Glacés (The Frozen Paths), a song that represents the challenges of life shifting to hope and love. Confidence is in the spotlight, as it’s the case with the tune Plus Peur De Rien (No Long scared of anything).  Nirvana is a song about having peace of mind and living in the moment. The emotions range from fear to happiness and peace of mind. The lyrics of the songs are inspirational and authentic. 

The album Fleur De Verre is now available. 

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