Single Saturdays: Heartstreets – Say It To My Face (Revisted)

Heartstreets, the Canadian duo, has released another revisited version of another song, Say It To My Face. The story is about the importance of friendships and relationships and encouraging and supporting loved ones. 

The music is R&B mixed with soul, just like the hit Good Things (Revisited). Like the song Good Things (Revisited), the beat is slower than the original version on the Why Makes Sense album. During the verses, the pace is more gradual in contrast to the chorus. The humming sound is more present in the background of the song as well as in the beginning. The Beatbox component gives it a lovely musical flavour. 

Emma Beko sings more gradually and in a calm manner, with an edge of attitude at certain moments. Gab Godon sings the chorus by hitting the high notes and approach, with a faster pace to her voice. Both girls perform their parts magnificently together and individually.

The single Say It To My Face (Revisited) is now available.

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