Single Saturdays: Rayan – Ana Aam Khounak

Armenian-Lebanese singer Rayan has released a new single entitled Ana Aam Khounak ( I am cheating on you, or I’m cheating you). The story is about a man whose relationship ends because of his partner cheating. Hany Assaf wrote and composed the song.

The music is Arabic Pop, with parts that sound like classical Arabic music (Tarab). The music is slow with intensity, making it clear that it’s a sad and unpleasant situation. The composition is incredible and well-structured. The piano in the background of the tune complements the mood that the music portrays. 

Rayan’s voice is husky and deep, full of sadness. He sings with heaviness and heartache. He captured those emotions down pat. He sings happier and romantic songs, but he can definitely sing tunes about heartbreak.

The lyrics are easy to follow because they reflect anger and grief the man feels because his partner cheated him. When hearing the words of the song, they sound heartbreaking and heavy. This subject is something to which anyone can relate. Hani Assaf wrote the lyrics with those feelings in mind. Well done! The words of the tune differ from what Rayan is known to perform. 

The single Ana Aam Khounak is now available.

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