Trisha Yearwood’s Fourteenth Album Every Girl

American singer Trish Yearwood has released an incredible new Country album entitled Every Girl. The overall themes are love, heartbreak and life experiences.

The music is Country, classic style with a contemporary twist. The composition of the song is smooth and full of rhythm. The instruments that have their presence throughout this album are the guitar and the piano. When I listen to this record, I feel like cozying with a blanket and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and possibly by a fireplace. The songs Find a WayEvery Girl in Town, and Something Kinda Like It, are examples of upbeat music. Other tunes have a relaxing, mellow feel to them such as the tunes I’ll Carry You Home and What Gave Me Away (Featuring Garth Brooks). When Lonely Calls and Can’t Take Back Goodbye, have a sad sound to them, reflecting the heartbreak felt in the songs. 

Trisha Yearwood has a powerful voice that parallels to Shania Twain’s vocal style. She sings with passion and authenticity. She sang fantastic duets with Kelly Clarkson, Garth Brooks, Patty Loveless, and Don Henley. 

The lyrics are well-written with signature references to Country music culture such as whiskey, the bible, and mentioning a town (often a small city), making the words genuine. The songs are poetic, from the heart and full of life. Her love songs are sweet and romantic in a Country music style. The words remind me of the Country songs from the late 90s, especially the works of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. The songs have a great lyrical structure. The words of each tune reflect the emotion portrayed perfectly (romance or heartbreak).

The album Every Girl is now available.

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