Single Saturdays: Najwa Karam Maloun Abou L Echeq

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam has another incredible single entitled Maloun Abou L Echeq (Cursed and in love- partial translation). It’s a song about how love can feel intense yet beautiful and exciting. 

The music is Arabic Pop mixed with traditional Dabkeh (Middle Eastern Dance music). Ali Hassoun composed this great song featuring the sounds of the tambourine and the drums, as well as other famous instruments of the Middle East. 

Najwa Karam’s voice is husky and rhythmic. She sings with the dialect of the Golf region flawlessly, full of passion and enthusiasm. 

Amer Laound wrote the lyrics to Maloun Abou El Echeq. The words have the use of repetition in them that gives it a group vibe where people can join at any moment. There’s a rhyme structure of ABAB, then another style of AABB, giving fantastic poetry to the song. The short verses make the tune easy to follow and catchy.

The single Maloun Abou El Echeq is now available.

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