Patrick Swayze: 10 Years Since His Passing

September 14, 2019, marks the 10th Anniversary of Patrick Swayze’s passing. He was an actor, dancer, and singer. The cause of his passing was Pancreatic Cancer- he was 57.

In terms of music, Patrick Swayze’s most famous single was She’s Like The Wind, a song heard in the film Dirty Dancing. It’s my favourite from the late star. 

    Patrick Swayze also had other songs that he performed for a variety of movies. There are three films for which he made soundtrack appearances. The songs Raising Heaven (in Hell) Tonight and Cliff’s Edge are from the movie Road House. He sang a tune with Larry Gatlin entitled Brothers for the film Next of Kin.  The most recent film which Patrick Swayze made a soundtrack appearance was One Last Dance with two songs: Finding My Way Back, and When You Dance a duet with his wife, Lisa Niemi. He sang with romance and grace. Patrick Swayze’s voice was husky and silvery.   

He leaves behind a great legacy with his films and his songs.

RIP Patrick Swayze

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