Single Saturdays: Carole Samaha – Bet’amen Bel Sodfe

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha has a new single entitled Bet’Amen Bel Sodfe (Do you believe in coincidences?). The story is about a relationship that ended, and the woman asks herself questions on what went wrong. Marwan Khoury wrote and composed Bet’Amen Bel Sodfe. 

The genre is Arabic Pop mixed with Classical music, especially a symphony. The rhythm has a slow tempo that reflects the sad mood of the song. The instruments heard are the piano and the guitar. The composition of the tune is intricate. 

Carole Samaha’s voice is silvery and husky. She sings with grace and authenticity. She captures the emotions of heartache with perfection. 

The lyrics have a poetic structure that is similar to classic poetry. The verses have paragraphs of two lines while the chorus has three. The flow is continuous in freestyle writing. The end of the song is open-ended because it’s not sure whether or not she’ll go back to her partner. Marwan Khoury did an impressive job writing the lyrics of Bet’Amen Bel Sodfe.

The single Bet’Amen Bel Sodfe is now available.

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