Single Saturdays: Lili-Ann De Francesco – Deux

Canadian singer Lili-Ann De Francesco has released a new single entitled Deux (Two). It’s a story about how one feels confused in regards to relationships. 

The genre is Musique Francophone (Francophone music) mixed with Pop. John Nathaniel composed the song Deux with a wavy sound is wavy and parts with a slightly fast tempo. The music is reflective of the feeling felt in the single.

 Lili-Ann De Francesco’s voice is soft, almost like a whisper, and wavy just like the music of the song. She has an experimental style to her singing that is bold and innovative.

The lyrics have a RAP-style structure but at a slower pace with a fantastic stop-effect. The flow is continuous overall. The stop-effect is an excellent technique to divide up the song into sections. The way John Nathaniel, Mariane Cossette-Bacon, and Lili-Ann De Francesco wrote the lyrics is intricate and explains perfectly the confusion of relationships.

The single Deux is now available.

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