First Single Fridays: Brailey Lenderman – Remember All The Nights

American singer Brailey Lenderman has a debut single entitled Remember All The Nights. It’s a sweet love song about a couple that remembers the beautiful times as the girl prepares for her performance. 

The music is Country Classic. It’s a slow song with some fast bits at the chorus. The guitar in the background complements the romantic effect of the tune. I can imagine this song playing at weddings or any special occasion. There’s a lovely “stop-effect” that reminds me of a fast heartbeat when in love. It also adds to the romantic feel of the single.

Brailey Lenderman’s voice is soft, modulate, and silvery. She captures the essence of being in love as well as the emotions that come with it. Her vocal style parallels to that of Faith Hill. She sings with passion and joy.

The lyrics describe in detail the girl’s flashbacks of the romantic nights with her significant other while preparing for her concert. She remembers specific things that give the song a personal touch. The examples are the guy’s name, Hank, her mother’s old pick-up and the little town road. The subject of missing one’s partner is something many of us understand. However, there’s a sense of appreciation when reuniting with one’s sweetheart as described in Remember All The Nights.   

The single Remember All The Nights is available. 

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