Justine Blanchet’s Latest Single Heartbeat

Canadian artist Justine Blanchet has released a new single entitled Heartbeat. It’s a sweet love song that tells the story of a girl who seeks love, not gifts and money. In other words, it’s about how to love someone for who they are, and not what they own.

The genre of this single is Country music – classic and rodeo style. The beat has a fast pace overall, and then it slows down after the third verse then picks up the tempo again in a smooth fashion. The guitar heard in this song gives it the classic Country flavour and a catchy beat. 

Justine Blanchet’s voice is rhythmic and full of emotion (love, excitement, and surprise). She hits both the high and low notes, at just the right moment. She has an incredible and impressive maturity in her vocal style.

 The lyrics describe what is essential in love and a relationship- how it’s not about looks and having things, but about kindness and being genuine. The woman sounds assertive about what she wants in a relationship. There is a sense of optimism that she wants to love and be loved. The freestyle writing of Heartbeat has this laid-back vibe to it despite feeling surprised about falling in love. The sudden change in one’s emotions in this situation is relatable. Well done!

The single Heartbeat is now available.

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