Single Saturdays: Sirusho – Vuy Aman Part 2

Armenian singer Sirusho has released a new single entitled Vuy Aman (I Love you). It’s a song about a beautiful Summer love. Sirusho wrote and composed Vuy Aman.

The musical genre is pop mixed with electric. The sound parallels to that of DJ mix heard in dance clubs. Summer passes by so fast, which parallels to the beat of the song. The music is like a dream sequence from a fantasy or magical realism movie or a journey. Great composition!

Sirusho’s voice is magnificent and cheerful. She captures the feeling of love very well. Her vocal style is rhythmic and upbeat. 

The lyrics are full of love and life. Summer love is a timeless subject to which people can relate. This song gives the impression that it started as a Summer love but could become more than that, as said in the lines “When you’re with me.-We’re meant to be.” True love is limitless, as this single demonstrates. Lovely lyrics!

The single Vuy Aman is now available. 

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