Single Saturdays: Sirusho – Tightrope Walking

Armenian singer Sirusho has a Summer single entitled Tightrope Walking. It’s a love song reminiscing about how a couple met and fell in love with each other. 

The music is Pop, similar to the sounds of the 90s, i.e. the song  Angel of Mine by Monica. It’s in the background emphasizing the voice and the lyrics of the songs. The sound of the piano complements this tune well. The composition is smooth and flows naturally.

Sirusho’s voice is soft and beautiful, with a romantic feel to it. She captures the emotions of love and joy perfectly. Her vocal style is magnificent.

The lyrics reflect how the girl remembers her love. Repetition is a common technique that emphasizes this beautiful feeling, as it is the case with this song. The title Tightrope Walking is a metaphor for how balance is essential in a relationship and life in general, as well as focus. The feeling of hope has a presence in this song that is inspirational.    

The single Tightrope Walking is now available.

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