Single Saturdays: Ima-J’y Crois

Quebecoise singer Ima has a Summer single entitled J’y Crois (I Believe in it). The song tells the love story of a woman whose relationship faces challenges but believes that the couple can overcome anything. 

The genre is Pop in the style of Francophone Music. The rhythm is at a pace that’s not too fast and not too slow. The Summer vibe has its presence in this single. The instruments heard in this tune are the guitar and the tambourine. When I listened to the music of this song, I imagined a lovely beach scenery, especially during sunset- that’s how breathtaking it sounds.

Ima’s voice is sweet and soft. She hits the high notes beautifully, hearing the hope and determination in her voice. 

The lyrics have a lovely flow to them. The words are easy to follow. Ima repeats the words J’y Crois (I believe) in the chorus to demonstrate her commitment to the relationship. The lyrics have words of encouragement in not giving up on love, no matter what happens. The sense of hope is very present in this beautiful song.

The single J’y Crois is now available.

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