Single Saturdays: Noah Schnacky – I’ll Be The One

American singer Noah Schnacky has released a new single entitled I’ll Be The One. The song is about a guy who tells the girl he loves that he’s a someone of whom her family approves.

The genre is Country music, a classic style with a twist. The guitar has a presence in the song, which is a signature in Country songs. It has a lovely optimistic beat that perfectly complements the subject of an ideal gentleman to present to the family. It ends on a sweet slow note that leaves you dreaming about true love. 

 Noah Schnacky has a phenomenal voice. He sounds sweet, kind and romantic with a whisper-like style. He knows how to follow the rhythm of the tune. I’m excited to hear more works from him. I wish him success.

The lyrics have a romantic and inspirational vibe to them. The rhyme style is AABB with some beautiful freestyle writing. The words are easy-going and indicate clearly what the guy’s intentions are. One can feel hopeful that there are decent guys out there seeking commitment and true love- a feeling many of us share. It’s incredible how optimistic this song is. Impressive!

The single I’ll Be The One is now available.

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