Single Saturdays: BRDGS – Closure

Canadian singer BRDGS has a new single entitled Closure. The song tells the story of a guy whose relationship is over, but he has a hard accepting that.

The music is pop mixed with some Rap. The beat is fast with a “stop effect,” reflecting the sense of confusion felt in the song. The instruments are the drum machine and the turntable. There’s an old school vibe to it that reminds me of the early 90s. The composition of Pop and Rap mix is fantastic. 

BRDGS’ voice is bolder. He captures the emotion of confusion in his singing. He knows how to hit both the high and low notes,

The lyrics have freestyle poetry to them that gives the effect of uncertainty and disappointment following a break-up. The chorus is simplistic, repeating the sentence “The last I want is …”, to express mixed emotions. The verses and the bridge seem to demonstrate clarity and understanding of the split in question. The song Closure is well-written in explaining the mixed feelings.

The single Closure is now available.

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