Single Saturdays: Eliane – Run

Swiss pop star Eliane has another new single entitled Run. Eliane Müller, Daniel Volpe, and Charlie Mason wrote and composed this tune. The song is about a woman whose significant seems to struggles with commitment. Running is a symbol of the fears that one may feel in a relationship.

The music is Pop, specifically Swiss Pop. The beat is a mix of fast (chorus) and slow (verses), creating a sense of uncertainty of where the woman stands in the relationship. The structure of the composition represents that well. The piano gives the song a lovely touch to it. 

Eliane’s voice is deep, which reflects the uncertainty and sadness of what the song represents. She captures these emotions perfectly. 

The lyrics have a complex structure to them, reflecting the mood of the song Run with simple words. The feeling of doubt and confusion is a relatable one because the inequality in the relationship is evident when Eliane sings about falling behind. Many of us have felt this at some point. I love the simplicity of the chorus that complements the intricate verses before it. The switch is smooth.

The single Run is now available.

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