Lillie Mae’s Latest Album Other Girls

American singer Lillie Mae has a new album out entitled Other Girls. The overall themes of the record are life, love, and contemplation.

The genre is Country, classic style with a modern twist. There’s a mellow feel to it that reminds me of 70s music. The rhythm throughout the album is perfect. The presence of the guitar and the tambourine complements the sound of this record.

Lillie Mae’s voice is soft and sweet while hitting both the high and low notes. She has a vocal that parallels to Dolly Parton, Alanis Morrissette, and Shania Twain. It’s impressive!

The lyrics are vibrant with contemplation and emotions- very expressive. Lillie Mae is singing from the heart. The song “Didn’t I” reminds me of a Dolly Parton song entitled Jolene, structurally speaking. These tunes on the album Other Girls cover subjects that differ from traditional or classic Country Music with well-written text.

My favourite songs are You’ve Got Other Girls for That, I Came For THe Band (For Show), Golden Year, and Love Dilly Love.

The album Other Girls is now available.

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