Ian Kelly’s Latest Album Long Story Short

Montreal artist Ian Kelly has released a new album entitled Long Story Short. The overall themes are story-telling and love, as well as life.

The music is adult contemporary, mixed with folk. The instruments that I noticed in this album are the guitar, the piano, and the harmonica. The composition of each song is well-structured and rhythmic. It sounds relaxing and reminds me of a spa getaway. Ian Kelly’s musical style is soothing and gives a sense of calm when listening to it. There’s a component that reminds me of a family gathering in a small intimate setting.

Ian Kelly’s voice is deep and profound on the album Long Story Short. His vocal style parallels to that of Green Day’s Billy and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He sang a lovely duet with Sarah Sleane. He gives life to his songs, which makes them genuine.

The lyrics have a personal and story-telling vibe to them. Ian Kelly covers family life, as it’s the case with the song That Son of Mine. The feelings range from joy to sadness to romantic, making the lyrics relatable. The words have incredible freestyle poetry full of emotion and inspiration. There is a fantastic richness to the songs that allow the listeners to visualize the stories through one’s imagination.

My favourite songs areI Need Your Love, That Son of Mine, Let’s Just Be Together, and Hopeful Mind.

The album Long Story Short is now available.

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