Single Saturdays: Khaled Mounib Naweely Ala Eih

Egyptian singer Khaled Mounib has a new single out entitled Naweely Ala Eih (What do you plan to do?). The song is about a guy who asks his love about where he stands in the relationship.

The music is Arabic Pop. Khaled Mounib composed Naweely Ala Eih. The beat of his latest single has a Summer vibe to it. I hear in the guitar and percussion instruments such as drums. Moustafa Aslan plays the guitar wonderfully. I have mentioned this before, Khaled Mounib’s musical style parallels to his late uncle, Amer Mounib. There are a few specific songs I can think of: Feek Haga, Enta Elly Ekhtartak, Mosta’alak Einy, and Aineh Amal Tuwhashny.

Khaled Mounib’s voice is getting better and better since his first single To’a Al Mazag, last Fall. He captures the emotions of love and confusion in where he stands, regarding his relationship. He has a beautiful vocal style.

The lyrics are romantic with a straightforward structure written by Tamer Hussein. There’s a lovely freestyle writing with poetic rhyme styles of AABB and ABBA. The words clearly express the mixed emotions one can feel when uncertain where they stand in a relationship. Naweely Ala Eih has use of repetition represent those mixed feelings. Well-done!

The single Naweely Ala Eih is now available.

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