Moustafa Amar’s Latest Album Dehket Leya

Egyptian singer Moustafa Amar has a new album entitled Dehket Leya (She Laughed With Me). The overall themes of the record are love and heartbreak.

The musical genre is Arabic Pop combined with Jazz and Dance as well as some Japanese music. The instruments heard in this album include the trumpet and the guitar.Overall, the music is cheerful and upbeat. However, some songs have a sad tone to them. Also, the album Dehket Leya has a sound that reminds of Moustafa Amar’s older works such as Hayaty (My Life) and Monaya (My Wish). The most interesting are the two versions of Bab Mowareb. Each one has a different composition, but both have a beautiful sound. Fantastic music!

Moustafa Amar’s voice has evolved over the years. One can hear the experience in his singing. He knows how to adapt to the music. It’s impressive how switches from a whisper-like voice to how he hits the high notes.

The lyrics of each song are well-written. The songs have lovely poetry and rhythm to them, which makes it romantic. There are raw emotions, especially in the sadder songs. However, most of the album consists of love songs. The poetic structure is simple, but the words of the tunes are quite expressive. It is impressive how saying little goes a long way.

My favourite songs are Seen Min Nas, Moagab, Dehket Leya andHabebak.

The album Dehket Leya is now available.

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