Single Saturdays: Nassif Zeytoun – Wasselik Khabar

Syrian singer Nassif Zeytoun has a new single that came out this week entitled Wasselik Khabar (The News Got to You). It’s about a relationship that didn’t work, and the guy is looking back on it.

The music is Arabic Pop. Salim Salameh composed this song with a slow rhythm that gives the effect of sadness and heartache. The instruments that complement this composition are the violin and the piano, making the song creating a sombre feeling.

Nassif Zeytoun’s voice is low and deep. There’s a heaviness to his voice that reflects the sadness of the song. He also has an incredible vocal range that is in sync with the rhythm of the tune.

The lyrics describe sorrow, regret, and heartache as well as grief.

Each paragraph of four lines says so much with a poetic structure of AABB. Evan Nassouh wrote the words to this well-written song. The chorus is full of metaphors describing the pain felt following a breakup. He mentions the blind who don’t see, the mute who can’t speak, and the ones who suffer pain to stay away from the cause of it (to the best of my understanding). There’s so much raw emotion in this song; it’s incredible.

The single Wasselik Khabar is now available.

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