Single Saturdays: Moustafa Amar – Seen Min Nas

Egyptian singer Moustafa Amar has released a new single entitled Seen Min El Nas (translation coming soon). It’s a song from his upcoming album Dehket Leyya (She Laughed with Me). The song is about a guy who falls in love and has mixed emotions about it (excited and nervous).

The music is Arabic Pop mixed with Dance and Electric. Ramy Gamal composed the song. The instruments heard are the saxophone and the piano. It has a 70s feel to it that reminds me of the movie Saturday Night Fever. Having seen the lyric video of Seen Min El Nas, I thought of the dancing that’s similar to breakdance. It’s an exciting mix of East meets West in terms of the musical composition.

Moustafa Amar’s voice is high pitch and rhythmic. Then leading up to the chorus, he sounds like he’s whispering. He knows how to capture the mixed emotions felt in the song as well as change registers in his voice.

The lyrics are catchy and simple, yet they say a lot in terms of emotions. Tamer Hussein wrote the words to Seen Min El Nas. Like other modern Arabic songs; there’s a use of repetition to emphasize a feeling, depending on the subject. That’s the case with Moustafa Amar’s single Seen Min El Nas. He repeats the verses and the bridge to the chorus twice each. It describes how he feels regarding this new love.

The single Seen Min El Nas is now available.

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