Justin Moore’s Latest Album Late Nights & Longnecks

Country singer Justin Moore has released a new album entitled Late Nights & Longnecks. The themes for this album are love, life, and partying.

The musical genre of this record is Country. A traditional instrument heard in Country music is the guitar, just like in this album. The guitar solo in the songs is impressive! The beat varies from slow to fast to a mix of both giving each tune a fantastic composition with quality.

Justin Moore’s voice is genuine and husky, as well as deep. He captures the mood of each song with precision and doesn’t sugarcoat it. He sings the emotions with authenticity.

The lyrics of each song have storytelling feel to them. Many of them refer to life events such as soldiers, police or firefighters who don’t come back home after a tour or a workday as it is the case with the song The One That Didn’t Make It Home. Other songs talk about drinking and the consequences it can have, for example, On The Rocks & Small Town Street Cred. There is raw emotion when Justin Moore sings- he doesn’t try to embellish it. That makes his songs genuine and relatable.

My favourite songs from the album Late Nights & Longnecks are That’s My Boy and Good Times Don’t.

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