Single Saturdays: Amr Diab – Ana Gheir

Amr Diab has released a new single this week entitled Ana Gheir (I differ from others*). It’s a love story about a man who proves that he’s different from the other and explain in detail how much he loves her.

The music of this single is Arabic Pop mixed with Electronic sounds. It reminds me of Amr Diab works from the late 90s/early 2000s. Mohamed Yehya composed the song. The instruments heard in tune are a lute, kanoon among some of the middle eastern instruments, as well as digital instruments. All those create a lovely Summer vibe in this composition.

Amr Diab’s voice is impressive as always. It’s smooth, sweet, and romantic. He strategically hits the high notes. Amr Diab knows how to follow the rhythm flawlessly.

The lyrics have a beautiful poetic feel to them that is romantic using the rhyming style of the AABB structure. Ahmad Marzouk wrote the words to this magnificent song. The repetition of the phrase “Ana Gheir” throughout the verses emphasize how he’s trying to demonstrate his feelings towards his significant other. Incredible lyrics!

The single Ana Gheir is now available.

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