Single Saturdays: Rayan- Ararik Sah

Armenian-Lebanese singer Rayan has released a new single Ararik Sah (Your Decision is the Right One). It’s about a man who realizes that the mistake he made cost him the love he had.

The music is Arabic Pop. The beat of Ararik Sah is slow with a faster tempo in between the chorus and the verses. Ahmad Al-Akkad composed the song and did an excellent job. The instruments heard in Ararik Sah are the violin, the flute and the drums- each one of them playing a significant role in terms of an emotional effect. There’s an interesting “stop” effect in the song to create suspense. The composition is well-done.

Rayan’s voice is deep and husky when he sings the verses then he increases his register leading up to and during the chorus. It’s impressive how he switches the levels of his voice. He has an incredible vocal style. One can hear the remorse in the song. There’s a moment of where his voice fades into the background. Rayan has fantastic vocal rhythm.

The lyrics describe, in great detail, the sense of guilt and remorse of losing an incredible love. The man in the story wishes and hope he can win her back but realizes it won’t be easy. One feels empathy for him, as well as the love he wronged. Mohamad Nakouzi wrote the lyrics to Ararik Sah. The rhyme structure of this song is impressive and uses ABBA style.
The words have a deep meaning to which many can relate. Very well-written lyrics!

The single Ararik Sah is now available.

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