Rocketman – Music & Movie

Last Friday, I saw the movie Rocketman. I loved it! I enjoyed hearing Elton John’s songs and learning the history behind them. The film starts with Elton John at a rehab centre where he tells his life story through flashbacks. The tunes complement the story nicely- they segue to chapters of Elton John’s life up until the song “I’m Still Standing.” I felt emotional at times, mainly when Elton John spoke to those who impacted his life – both positively and negatively. He felt free to be himself.

Taron Egerton sang all the songs of the movie. He sounded like Elton John – that at times, one might think it’s the original artist. That would also include when Egerton played the piano. He hit the notes at the right places. It was authentic. I could feel that Taron Egerton’s heart was in it. He sang with feeling and passion. Jamie Bell, Richard Madden, Bryce Howard, Matthew Illsley, and Kit Connor also gave great performances on their own or with the Taron Egerton. Their voices compliment each other wonderfully. The first example is Taron Egerton and Matthew Illsley, at the beginning of the movie singing together, which was the introduction to Elton John’s storytelling.

The choreography of each dance sequence was spectacular and impressive – looking like a music video. Adam Murray was the choreographer for Rocketman. He did a fantastic job.

The music is the same as the original works, a beautiful homage to the Elton John’s songs. I recognized a couple of the musical bits that Taron Egerton played on the piano, including the classic Candle in The Wind and Daniel.

Check out the film when you have the chance. Enjoy!

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