Throwback Thursdays: David Bowie’s First Release of Space Oddity – 50th Anniversary

July 11, 2019, marks the 50th Anniversary of David Bowie’s first release of the single Space Oddity. The song is a classic. Bowie released a new version in 1972. The story is about a man who cuts off communication with earth and stays in space; sources say.

The music is slow, which reflects the speed of time on space, as I imagine it could. It’s psychedelic folk, a genre associated with the 60s and 70s. Some of the sounds are what one would hear in a spaceship. There are the sounds of the tambourine and the guitar. The music is experimental and bold. Space Oddity is an example of how David Bowie became a pioneer in developing new musical styles. Bowie even did a remake of Space Oddity in 1972 which has a different beat. What’s also interesting is hearing the countdown for the blastoff of the space ship. The composition is wonderfully structured.

David Bowie’s voice is deep and bold. He was known for experimenting with his vocal style. Space Oddity is the first example of the musical genius behind David Bowie. He wasn’t afraid to try new things, as is the case with this classic hit.

The lyrics of Space Oddity tell a story of a fictional character Major Tom, inspired by the movie Space Odyssey. According to sources, the timing is significant because of the interest in space and the planets. The song has a poetic flow to it, with a freestyle structure. David Bowie wrote the lyrics to Space Oddity. Such incredible writing!

Enjoy the first version of Space Oddity, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of its release.

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