Marie-Mai’s Latest Release Coming Through Me

On July 1, 2019, Canadian singer Marie-Mai performed a bilingual version of the song Exister (Existing) at the Canada Day festivities in the evening. Then on July 5, she released an English Version of Exister, which is entitled Coming Through Me on iTunes and other streaming sites. It was a gift from Marie-Mai as many loved her performance at the evening concert of Canada Day celebrations.
The story of the song is about how true love can overcome anything, especially an argument or any other trouble in a relationship.

The genre for the song Coming Through Me is Pop music. It has a slow and calming beat that’s sweet and romantic. The song’s composition is fantastic. The instruments heard in this tune are the guitar and the piano. Marie-Mai sings in the background as if it were musical sounds.

Marie-Mai’s voice is soft and sweet like she’s whispering at times. She follows the rhythm with perfection and style. It reminds me of her performance at the Canada Day evening Concert.

The lyrics have lovely a story-telling feel to it. There’s also a sweet message of how true love is powerful even in the most challenging times. The woman in the song feels blessed to have found the love of her life. There’s a repetition of the two following sentences, “Coming through me” and “My reason for existing” to emphasize her love for her significant other. It has a poetic touch to it. Serena Ryder translated the song Exister to create to the English version Coming Through Me. Very well-written!

The song Coming Through Me is now available.

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